Safari Checklist


African Safari Equipment Checklist


One wide brimmed hat or baseball style cap

Light weight, well-worn hunting boots or shoes with crepe soles (very heavy boots are NOT recommended)

One pair of casual shoes

Four pairs of socks

One hunting jacket - fleece or cotton down

Four dark/olive drab, khaki or olive green hunting suits. Hunting suits should consist of long sleeve shirts or bush jacket and trousers. At least one suit should consist of short sleeve shirt or shorts if you are accustomed to the sun. Zip off leg pants are great!

One warm sweater of matching color

One pair of leather or woolen gloves

One fold up rain suit (in case of rain)

Military type camouflage is ILLEGAL in Zimbabwe, but not in RSA or Tanzania

Extra pair of eye glasses if you wear prescription lenses

60 to 80 rounds of ammunition per weapon

One cartridge holder for each rifle

Two belts - one for each cartridge holder

Anti-malaria medication and any personal medication that may be needed

Small flashlight with extra batteries and bulb



Personal items i.e. suntan lotion, sunglasses, lip balm, pain relievers, etc.

Extra baseball caps, inexpensive watches, candy, etc. to be used as gifts for trackers, skinners and camp staff

Any alcoholic beverages desired which are not local to the area

As daily laundry service is provided, it is not necessary to bring any excess clothing