About Your Guide

Chris Profota grew up in a hunting family.  He listened to his father and his clients' hunting stories.  The stories he heard back then stuck with him.  They were voices from another era of hunting and fishing, some famous voices and some not so famous.  Chris heard all of their stories, and he's still listening today.
    Chris Profota came to guiding easily.   His father, Jerry Profota, raised his son with rich traditions of hunting and fishing.  Growing up on a lake that provides for your family raises a boy into a man with a unique perspective.   Chris has come to fish, hunt, and guide as naturally as anyone might.   Guiding as early as his young teens, Chris' enthusiasm and energy couldn't be dismissed.   He was patient and determined, more attributes that have led him to the life he now leads.
    The stories are his own now, the clients too since Chris' father passed the tradition over to him.  Since then, Chris has hunted all across North America and the world.  As Chris traveled, he made friends easily.   He has been the subject of various sportswriters in both books and magazines.  He began to guide on trips that he once hunted himself.   First bear, in Northern Canada, then caribou in the Canadian Arctic, followed by Dall sheep in the North West Territories, and other North American big game.   Soon he was in Africa and not long afterward, he was registering trophy animals such as kudu.  If you want the references and the professional certifications and connections, he can provide them.  If you want the experiences and the travels that create the stories, those same stories that you so surely have dreamt of too, then he most certainly can provide those.   As a hunter, Chris knows what is important, the experience, the memories, and the stories.
    Chris remembers the stories he heard as a child, those impressionable years that shaped and formed him.   He remembers the names of the people and those places that he fell asleep to.   There are sons of hunters and fisherman who tell similar tales.   Then there is Chris, the son of a hunter and fisherman, and someone to weave your own new story with.   As a guide, he has endless experience.  As a person, he has integrity and character, and as a boy, well, he had everything.